These 6 Viral Baby Are Guaranteed To Make You Laugh Out Loud

If there is one thing the internet loves more than cat videos, it is baby videos.

I mean how can you not? They are cute, innocent and have the most genuine and hilarious reactions to new/strange situations.

There have been countless of baby videos that went viral over the years and brought joy to so many people. Some are much more memorable than others and deserve a spot on the viral video hall of fame.

That's not really a thing but you get the gist. Here are 6 videos of super adorable mini humans reacting to different everyday situations and they'll have you in a laughing fit!

1.This baby shows us the power of music

2. He tries lemon for the first time and it is probably the cutest sour face ever

3. This baby can't decide whether he horrified or amused by his mom's nose blowing

4. This baby is an example of confusion at its finest.

5. This baby just wants to be like dad

6.This baby reminds us that life is all about the simple pleasures

Which one is your favorite? Let us know!

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