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These Adorable Bat Treats Will Make Halloween Less Creepy and More Cute


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Halloween is coming up fast and it's time to find some treats to serve at all your spooky parties! These Bat Bites are just too cute and super easy to put together.

Yes, bats are usually creepy, scary creatures - but these little guys are adorable AND delicious. You won't be afraid to gobble these little guys up!


  • Package of Oreo Thins
  • Mini Reese's Cups
  • Pre-made cream cheese frosting
  • Candy eyes


Separate your Oreo cookies from their icing and break each cookie into two pieces. These will be your bat wings.


Take one of your 'bat wings' and add a dollop of cream cheese frosting to one of the corners.


Place your 'bat wing' with icing on your unwrapped Mini Reese's Cup. Repeat with another piece of cookie. Your bat should now have a body and two wings!


Pipe some frosting on the backs of your candy eyes and secure them on top of the center of each Reese's Cup.


Your bats are now ready to be eaten...enjoy!

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