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[Video] Why The World Needs You To Be Different

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Have you ever asked yourself: "How can I make a difference?" Talk to any successful celebrity or businessperson, and you'll find the secret to their success is a lot of hard work coupled with a positive outlook and confidence in themselves.

Fame and success didn't come easy for anyone, including Ed Sheeran, Jackie Chan, Arnold Schwarzenegger, or Justin Timberlake. Each had to go through criticism and negative opinions about how they'd never be good enough.

Thanks to their struggles, these celebrities have amazing insight into how being different made them successful. See what they had to say and make sure you go to the next page to watch the video!

Justin Timberlake

Before JT was a famous singer, he was a normal school kid who got picked on for being "different" and "weird."

How did he overcome the haters and bullies?

"Thankfully my mother taught me that being different was a good thing, that being different meant you could actually make a difference," he said.

Hollywood Reporter

Ed Sheeran

Endearing British singer/songwriter Ed Sheeran describes his younger self as a "very weird child," but he has some advice for kids struggling with being different.

"Be yourself. Embrace your quirks. Embrace your weirdness...being weird is a wonderful thing and it has lead to so many creative people."


Ellen DeGeneres

Being different is no reason to give up. Ellen lost her career but went on to become one of the most beloved talk-show hosts in the country.

"I found out what the most important thing is: To be true to yourself," she said.


Jeff Bezos

Even one of the richest people in the world had to work hard to achieve success. Jeff Bezos, the CEO of Amazon, says his success came from being adventurous and having faith in his own ideals.

"You can't follow the fashion when you're trying do...anything in life," he said.

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