These Common Plants Are A Danger To Your Cat

It's spring, which means that everywhere you look the flowers are blooming. Meanwhile, your cat is happily starting to explore outside again.

Along with the usual dangers your pet will encounter - like cars and other animals - pet owners should worry about the plants they'll come across.

Some of the most common plants and flowers in your garden or elsewhere are toxic to cats. Take a look at these common toxic plants and be on the lookout for them in your neighborhood.

Autumn Crocus

Castor Beans





Spanish Thyme

Yew (tree)




English Ivy


Peace Lilies

Sago Palms

Tulip and narcissus (the bulbs)

If you notice your cat has eaten any of these plants and they're acting sick, take any of the plant left in their mouth out and get them to the nearest vet.

Be sure to bring along the plant if you can't identify what your cat has eaten.

If you need to remove any toxic plants on your property or in your home, consider replacing them with a pet-friendly plant instead.

[HT: Pet MD]

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