These Cops Crashed A Drunk's Group Chat For A Hilarious Reason

Drunk-dialing is a very real fear for anyone who has both a phone and a habit of getting blackout drunk. Usually, thankfully, it's never as bad as we fear it will be, but for one 20-year-old student in the UK it was so much worse.

After a night out, Cameron, was apparently picked up by the police. He was too drunk to tell them where he lived so they did the only sensible thing. They asked his friends.

First Message

The police crashed Cameron's group chat with his friends. They identified themselves right away and asked what his house number was. His friends answered but remained skeptical. One even criticized the punctuation as proof that the text was a prank.

The cops set them straight with a selfie.

Cop Selfie

The gang immediately thought it was hilarious. Now many people are praising these officers outreach. The exchange has been shared thousands of times all around the world for everyone to see.

Poor Cameron.

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