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These Dogs Just Broke The Best World Record And You'll Wish You Were There To See It

Instagram / Kaylamunro

There are so many beautiful dogs in this world, it's hard to pick just one for a favorite.

All pup lovers know that there is nothing better than a happy dog running in a field with its friends - but could there be a more pure sight to see than 576 very good dogs playing together?

Dog lovers in South Australia united to have the greatest dog patting party ever and break a world record.

Border Collie Owners of South Australia (BCOSA) brought their very good dogs to a local park in order to break a Guinness World record.

In addition to organizing the world's cutest record breaking attempt, BCOSA raised $6,000 for charity.

We are happy to report that they also smashed the old border collie record of 513 pups, previously held by Dr. Katrina Warren in 2013.

Good dogs!

[h/t Pedestrian / Huffington Post]