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These Dogs Made A Break For It, And Their Failed Attempt Made Them Famous

There is no steadfast formula for what makes something go viral, but a dog in a goofy scenario is definitely going to turn a few heads. This time it was two dogs and they really got themselves into quite the predicament.

Cooper Fleishman tweeted out a screenshot of a text his mom sent him that said that her neighbors' dogs had pushed out the screen and gotten themselves on the roof. She called it a "Dog Party!" and included a picture.

Fleishman has had over 200,000 people like his tweet and over 65,000 retweet it. He kept us all updated on the crazy situation which is great because we were all very worried about these dogs!

His mom managed to call the mom and had to say the strangest sentence that anyone would have to say to a neighbor "your dogs are on the roof".

As expected, the dogs' owner panicked and rushed home after asking Fleishman's mom to keep an eye on them and make sure they were okay. A van pulled up and they took treats out and tried to get the dogs to go back in the house but it was a no-go.

The dogs refused to go back in the house and so they waited for the owner to get home. The mom said she returned to cooking her Easter bread while keeping an eye on the dogs. She heard the owner come home and say "you're bad!" as soon as she got out of the car.

She got the full story after, apparently the window was only open a couple of inches so the dogs could have some fresh spring air, but they wanted more. They apparently pawed the screen out onto the roof and used their heads to push the window up higher.

The dogs were safe and back in the house, and Fleishman was left with thousands of questions, most notably "What is Easter bread". He shared the picture his mother sent him so everyone would know. He even shared mom's blog so people could see the recipe and make their own.

What a crazy thing to see out of your window! Good thing she was there to keep an eye on those dogs!

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