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When These Fishermen Lifted Their Net, They Were Surprised To See Him Staring Back At Them

A group of fishermen got the surprise of a lifetime when they raised their net to reveal their catch. Assuming they had the usual, they opened the net to start the next steps but what came out caught them completely off guard.

As the fish in the net spilled out onto the deck of the boat and the net pulled back it became obvious there was something else inside. A HUGE sea lion had hitched a ride with the fish and was now right on the deck of the ship!

The crew turns a hose on the animal, but he doesn't seem to mind. They are trying to direct him back into the water but he seems like he is pretty content sitting in this pile of fish. Maybe he's just looking for a job?

The crew isn't really sure what they should do so they just watch him for a bit. Eventually the sea lion jumps back into the water, but for a good two minutes this crew had the craziest experience and the strangest looking co-worker.