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These Fraternal Twin Boys Couldn't Look Any Less Alike


When Jessica and Duante Norman realized they were pregnant with twins, they had a lot of questions, so did their daughter, Sydney.

The family couldn't have been happier to find out that they would be expecting two new additions, but they weren't prepared for just how special these new babies actually would be!

When Jessica Norman, from Milwaukee, read about a pair of bi-racial twin babies who made headlines, she reached out to local news with her own impressive genetic story.

Jessica and Duante are already the proud parents to daughter, Sydney. A sweet little girl with fair skin and blonde hair. Most people wouldn't guess it, but Sydney is biracial. In their interview the proud parents told Fox6Now that they "hope their family can show the world love is more than skin deep."

When doctors told the couple that they were expecting fraternal twin boys, the excited parents began to imagine what their future sons would look like - who would they resemble more?

The answer wasn't what they were expecting, but they couldn't be happier with their boys...

On the day they were born, no one knew what to expect, but everyone hoped for healthy babies. As the nurses were cleaning the boys up, Jessica could tell by the look on their faces and Duante's face that there was something different about their babies.

"To see how different they were, it was funny. I couldn't see them (after they were born), so my reaction was completely coming from him -- and between him and the nurses, they were like, 'you are never going to believe how different they look,'" Jessica Norman said.

The boys, named Brayden and Cameron, are now 15-months-old. They couldn't look any less alike, but they are definitely twins!

Although the family does get plenty of stares and questions from people who just don't believe that the boys are twins, they choose to use this as a teaching opportunity.

"If we were to have those wheels turning...and they're looking at us at dinner, like, 'is he the dad of both? Are they twins? How does this work? What's the dynamic?' We can use it as a teaching tool. 'Hey, they're bi-racial brothers. The same, but they look totally different,'" Jessica Norman said.

Watch their incredible story below!

[h/t Fox6Now]