These 'Hillbilly Hot Tubs' Are Going To Be All The Rage This Summer

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These 'Hillbilly Hot Tubs' Are Going To Be All The Rage This Summer

If the long winter is any indication of the type of summer we're about to have, it's certain that we'll all be sweltering in a matter of weeks.

As the temperatures rise, many of us are beginning to think about buying a pool for the back yard. There's nothing better than hoping into some cool water after a long, hot day outside. But, instead of dropping $30,000 on installing a traditional pool, more and more people are turning to this farm-inspired alternative.

The inexpensive water trough is typically used for livestock, but more and more people in the city are taking a cue from their country cousins and installing these 'hillbilly hot tubs' in their own back yards.

From fun to fancy, there are limitless possibilities when it comes to this cheap 'country pool.' It can be easily added to your yard this summer for around $350, plus the cost of an $89 pump.

See how others are doing it in the images below!

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