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These Musical Chickens Could Be The Next Big Thing

It seems like animal musicians are going to be very popular in 2017.

We've recently seen the talented japanese felines showcase their DJ skills and Joko the chicken pianist cover "America The Beautiful."

Well, turns out there are more emerging stars trying to scratch and peck their way to the top.

Storyful shared a video on their Facebook page starring chickens who play the xylophone. The amusing concept came to be after Parker Colorado resident, Kris Garrett noticed that her birds were getting bored in the backyard.

Kris Garrett

Garrett attached a xylophone to coop and the hens quickly took to churning out some interesting tunes. The musically inclined chickens are slowly climbing up the fame ladder as their video have been going viral.

Watch the Empty Nest Chickens Band in action in the video below.