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8 People Who Died Trying To Save Their Cell Phones

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As a society we are addicted to technology, specifically our cellphones and other communication devices. It is becoming a major social problem. Not just because we are beginning to ignore the world around us in exchange for the world we have online, but because people are being ridiculously stupid when it comes to their cellphones, risking life and limb in order to retrieve their devices.

It doesn't always end well, and these eight instances show just how willing people are to sacrifice their lives to retrieve their lost phones.

1. The Icy River

In 2014, a 26-year-old man from Minnesota dropped his phone into the icy Chicago River. He attempted to get it back by holding onto the railing while reaching to get it and he ended up falling in. His girlfriend and friends jumped into save him, which made everything a lot worse. The man died in hospital, his girlfriend's body was never found, and the rest of his friends were all rushed to hospital in critical condition.

2. The Burning House

There are very few things that you should consider running into a burning building to retrieve, and your cellphone is not one of them. After Wendy Rybolt and her family escaped from their burning house, she realized that she had left her phone inside and ran back into get it. She didn't make it back out.

3. Suffocated By Fecal Fumes

In 2014, a woman dropped her phone in an outhouse toilet, and the phone ended up landing in a pit of the most disgusting filth imaginable. Instead of cutting her losses, the woman's husband and her mother-in-law went in to get it. The fumes from the toilet pit killed both of them.

4. Don't ever jump onto the subway tracks.

2014 was a bad year for cellphone deaths. A man dropped his phone on the subway tracks in Brooklyn at 3am, and he decided it would be a good idea to jump down after it to grab it. The problem was an oncoming train was pulling into the station. The driver saw the man on the tracks but couldn't stop in time. He was crushed and died at the scene.

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