These Shoes Will Change How You Feel About Heels

At some point in our lives we've all regretted wearing heels to an event. Yes they look great and give you legs for days but they are by no means comfortable. There are plenty of times when you could've been tearing it up on the dancefloor but instead you suffered in stilettos.

Well, that's about to change thanks to a German shoe company Mime et Moi. The creative retailer is now offering women's shoes that come with interchangeable heel options! Amazing, right?

Mime et Moi

According to a Tech Insider video, the shoes come with 5 different options and you can adjust them to fit different occasions. The best part? They can easily fit in a handbag so you can carry them anywhere!

The shoes are currently only available in Europe but there's no doubt that they'll soon be hitting stores in America as demand rises.

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