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These Special Photos Are Spreading Love For A Cancer Patient Around The World

When your loved one is very sick, it can feel like there's nothing you can do. But sometimes simply showing them how much you care can make everything better.

37-year-old Murat from the Netherlands spent 3 months in the hospital this year after being diagnosed with stage four lymphoma, a kind of blood cancer.

The diagnosis came as a shock to Murat, his girlfriend Seline and their daughter Sureyha, and now that he's going through chemo she wanted to find a unique way to cheer him up.

Since Murat loves to travel but he's too sick to fly right now, Seline is asking people around the world to share their travel pictures with him.

She asks people to take a photo holding a note that reads "Dear Murat, Seline's love for you is so big! It has reached in .... (the name of the city/country)." People seem happy to help, because Seline has already received lots of photos:

See more of Seline's photos on the next page, and learn how to share your own pictures!

Murat seems to be steadily recovering, and should be finished chemo and cancer-free by next month. While he'll still need a bone marrow transplant, at least the most dangerous part of his disease will be cured.

"We assume he's completely healed," says Seline. "But, of course, you're never sure." Once Murat is back in good health the couple plan to finally tie the knot, but Seline's project has given them an even bigger dream to chase.

The couple home to visit every one of the locations in the photos people sent, which should keep them busy for a few years!

If you want to share a photo of your own with Seline, you can message it to her on Facebook or submit it on her page My Love For Murat.

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