These Stunning Photos From The Plane's Cockpit Will Take Your Breath Away


Those who have been on a plane can attest to the fact that window seats are the best seats on the aircraft.

You get an unbeatable view of what the world looks like from thousands of feet above the ground and sometimes you'll have the chance to witness some of the most breathtaking natural phenomena.

Just ask Monarch pilots Paul Fox and Ashish Raval.

New York Post

The aviation experts usually have the best seats on the plane and they've made sure to capture the stunning views they've seen during their flights and upload the stunning photos on Instagram.

The breathtaking images have earned Fox and Raval thousands of followers on the photo sharing platform and it's not hard to see why once you get a glimpse of their work.

Check out these 10 photos from their Instagram collection which were recently featured on DailyMail:

1. A sunset from the "best office view in the world."  

2. A stunning ariel view of London and the Thames River.

3. This view of the Alps is a favorite.

"Whether it be the Austrian, Swiss, Italian or French Alps, they all make for incredible scenes. Flying into Venice, the descent allows you to get a slightly closer and better view of the Alps," said Raval who has been working with London-based Monarch for over a year now.

Keep scrolling to see what a thunderstorm looks like at 39,000 ft.

Fox has been a pilot with Monarch for 12 years, but no matter how many times he flies over the same places, it is always a wonderful experience because he never knows what to expect.  

4. A thunderstorm captured from 39,000 ft.

5. Wind turbines on the North Wales coast.

6. A gorgeous sunrise where the Humber meets the sea.

7. The Portugal forest fires as seen from the cockpit.

8. An incredible sunrise near the Yorkshire power stations.

9. A Boeing 787 Dreamliner flies past Raval's plane.

10. Fox flying over a thick sheet of clouds before entering UK airspace.

You can check out more of Fox and Raval's surreal shots on their Instagram pages, Flying_Foxoir and Ashthepilot_.

Which one of these photos is your favorite?