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These Two Pictures Of The Same Mom Have One Big Difference

When video blogger and mother of toddler twins posted her baby belly video update at 36 weeks, viewers were in for quite a shock when she shared a surprising split screen.

Natalie Bennett is on her second pregnancy and third child, this one will be a baby girl.

Besides the usual difference debate of carrying a boy vs. carrying a girl, Bennett says this pregnancy is " a little bit more relaxing than her pregnancy with the twins."

Here she is at 27 weeks:

She explains that the level of fatigue, and being short of breath is completely different with this singleton pregnancy compared to how exhausting the double pregnancy was on her body.

This is her at 36 weeks: (twin pregnancy on the left)


“My belly was so ridiculously large it looks inhuman,” she added. “The thumbnail of it is downright shocking. People look at it and they go ‘oh my gosh what am I looking at.'”

Incredible, isn't it!

Hear more about what she has to say about the different effects each pregnancy has had on her body below:

[h/t 22Words]