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They Called It A "National Scandal" After Realizing What Hot Chocolate Is Full Of

Seasoning foods so that they are more flavorful is pretty normal, but the amount we use one spice is being dubbed a "national scandal" but nutritionists.

The latest food to have it's content examined is probably one you wouldn't really thing of having "spice" to it: Hot Chocolate.

Who doesn't love a good cup of cocoa on a cold day? Well, it turns out certain brands actually have more salt in them then a bag of chips!

The Consensus Action On Salt And Health found that Galaxy Ultimate Marshmallow Hot Chocolate powder contains 2.5g of salt per 100g which is more than the 0.15g per 100g target.

It is recommended that adults don't consume more than 6g of salt a day. Almost half of that is found in one mug of this hot chocolate.

Nutritionist Katharin Jenner is concerned over the quantities of salt in not just this product, but all products because "Salt is the forgotten killer."

This just shows that companies are failing to meet the salt reduction targets as outlined in the past.

There has been some progress, Dr. Alison Tedstone, chief nutritionist for Public Health England says that, "The food industry has reduced the amount of salt found in our foods by 11% in recent years, which is encouraging progress." There is still more to do, a lot of which you can do yourself.

When you purchase products, always check the labels. There are a lot of products that add salt that you wouldn't think of including sauces, mayonnaise and even canned veggies.

Keep an eye on your salt intake to stay healthy!