They Converted A School Bus Into A Home, Now They're On An Epic Adventure


They Converted A School Bus Into A Home, Now They're On An Epic Adventure

Enjoying the adventure of a lifetime, a couple converted an old school bus into a luxury home and traveled across the county.

Making their way from Alaska with the destination of Argentina on their minds, Felix Starck and Selima Taibi (Mogli) along with their Bernese Mountain Dog, Rudi have been documenting their epic adventure.

Originally from Germany, the couple used to share a third-floor apartment in Berlin. They adopted their dog Rudi, but soon discovered that because of his breed he was at a risk of hip dislocation and the apartment wasn't suitable for their family any longer.

Unable to find a suitable new apartment, Felix who is a film maker, and Mogli a songwriter, decided to take to the road.

The couple bought an old school bus for their trip and started to convert it in a project they called "Expedition Happiness."

Felix was no stranger to the open road, having traveled 11,185 miles across 22 countries on his bicycle in June 2013, he made a documentary called "Pedal the World."

The couple bought a yellow school bus for $7,500 in Florida.

That's when they packed up their lives in Europe and flew to the States to begin their 3-month process of converting the bus into a loft-style home on wheels.

"We were gonna build a tiny home on wheels and travel through North America. Only 4 weeks later we were on the plane to the states with a lot of camera equipment to document everything," Selima wrote.

And the results are amazing!

"In three months we took out the seats, and built furniture," she wrote.

"We even managed solar, electric, plumbing, and tiling the shower all by ourselves. A lot went wrong because we both didn't know what we were doing at all," she admitted.

"The hard work was tiring and we had to deal with a lot of setbacks, like a massive hole in the floor or a leaking ceiling. But in the end it was all worth it because our 'Loft on Wheels' as we like to call it, was so much more than a RV. It was our home," she wrote.

And they really made it look like a home.

"Together with our dog Rudi we embarked on our biggest adventure yet. We crossed Canada and drove from Alaska to Mexico," she wrote.

"In the end we noticed that taking your home with you only works to a certain degree though," she wrote.

While they were welcomed into homes and family across the country, the began to feel homesick.

"Waking up at a different spot every morning and driving every day started to take its toll on us and we were ready to go home," she wrote.

Watch how they turned the school bus into their tiny house.

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