They Had To Tear Apart Their Home When They Realized What Was Trapped Beneath The Floor

Ford County Fire & EMS (FCFD) in Kansas had their work literally cut out of them when they got a call about a kitten stuck in the pipes of one family's home.

Kristin Schmitz and her family had just welcomed kittens into their home when their 4-year-old son got a little curious and decided to flush one of the 3-week-old kittens down the toilet. Schmitz called FCFD who rushed to the scene.

They knew the kitten was fine, because they could hear mewing from inside the toilet.

"The kitten had traveled 4 feet and made a turn in the piping where the pipe would go outside to empty," Robert Boyd, FCFD fire chief, said.

FCFD took the entire toilet off the floor, but it wasn't going to be that easy to rescue the tiny cat.

It took almost 3 hours, but the kitten was finally rescued from her nightmare.

"The kitten was very lethargic and not moving much," Boyd said. "We immediately began to warm her up and put her in a towel. The owners washed her off and placed her back with her mother."

The Dodo
The Dodo

"We've done animal rescues before, but this is the first one we had to dig out of a toilet," Boyd said.

The family says the kitten was totally fine later that day, and they have decided to name her Miracle for obvious reasons!