They Met On A Bus, 13 Years Later They Got Married On One

Couples often love going back to the spot they first met each other to celebrate special occasions like anniversaries or to simply just reminisce. There are some, like Kara Mullins and Osvaldo "O.J." Jimenez, who choose the venue where they first met for their wedding.

13 years ago, Mullins, a trend forecaster and Jimenez, creative director for Le Petite Mort, crossed paths while riding a late night M14D bus through New York City.

Alex M. Smith

“There was something about her confidence,” Jimenez told People about the night he met Kara . “I liked her style, and the first thought that passed through my head was that if I ever get married, I want to get married to a girl like that.”

Although Jimenez didn't strike a conversation when they got off at the same stop, he had a second chance when they ended up at the same bar a few hours later.

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“He was coming on strong!” Mullins says. “I thought he was cute so I gave him my number, but he called me right after I left—I hung up on him!”

Jimenez and Kara may have had a rocky start but somewhere along the way, the ship started sailing smoothly and this week, the lovebirds returned to the bus where they met to tie the knot.

Keep reading to see the video and photos from the public transport-loving couple's wedding.

“I’ve been riding that bus forever, I know the in and outs of it, and I knew nothing would go wrong!” Jimenez, 41, told People. “When it actually happened, it was more than I ever expected. It exceeded all my expectations.”


The newlyweds coordinated with the bus driver a week before their big day to make sure he was in on the plan. They even sent out MTA card-inspired invitations to their guests.

The couple's nuptials were witnessed by over 80 people including their family, friends and strangers who were just happened to be commuting on the M14D bus that day.

“I had five-inch heels on—I thought I was going to get on the bus and fall on my face because it was moving the whole time!” Mullins, 35, said. “I was holding on for dear life, but it was perfect. All of our friends came through and did their parts.”

The couple didn't just choose the bus because of their history, they wanted the "rest of New York" to be part of the wedding and also send a message to people who don't take the time to look up from their devices and appreciate the world around them.

“Sometimes, we don’t pay attention to the heartbeat of the city and the things around us,” said Jimenez. “Life is so short. Look up at the people around you and who knows what you might see—please, don’t blink.”

You can watch the unique ceremony in the video below: