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They Noticed A Bunch Of Seals Splashing Around, But She Wasn't Ready For This [Video]

There's no shortage of dangers in nature. If you go out into the wild you'll have to be prepared for bear attacks, lion bites and...seal body checks?

A kayaker off the coast of Namibia in Western Africa might have thought she only had to look out for sharks, but she learned her lesson.

While enjoying a midday paddle around the picturesque waters, Mikhail Samon and his wife noticed dozens of "porpoising" seals leaping about the water. They decided to take a closer look with Mikhail filming, but they probably didn't know just how close they were about to get.

When they were in the midst of the seals, one of the curious animals leaped out of the water - straight into Samon's wife.


You can hear the pair erupt into laughter after the initial shock of the collision.

Experts say that seals commonly jump out of water when they want to get a closer look at something. Naturally curious, the seals probably wanted to investigate the kayaks that wandered into their area.

The Samons seem like they wouldn't have changed a thing.

"Except for wet pants, no damage done," he said. "We all thought the poor creature must have been shocked much harder."

It certainly makes for a good video, and you can see it all here:

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