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They Released 14 Wolves In a Park and No One Expected This To Happen

In 1995 the US Fish and Wildlife Service and a group of Canadian biologists completely changed the face of Yellowstone National Park with one simple action.

They introduced 14 wolves from Canada into the park, where the predator had been extinct since 1926.

The impact was greater than anyone could have imagined as the entire ecosystem of the national park was transformed.

It all started with the wolves hunting deer which helped to decrease the population and caused the remaining prey to avoid areas that they were easily hunted.

The deer's absence meant that plants could grow again where they previously wouldn't have.

Aspen and willow trees began to flourish and berries and bugs came along with the increased trees and bushes.

Because of this new food source, various bird species returned to the national park.

The beaver who was previously extinct to the region also returned.

Their dams then attracted otters, muskrats and various reptiles to the area.

The wolves also killed coyotes which meant the mice and rabbit populations grew.

This attracted red foxes, weasels, badgers and hawks to the park. People then also began to spot bald eagles once again.

With the increased vegetation growth, erosion started to decreased and stabilize the river banks.

Channels narrowed, more pools formed, and rivers became fixed in their course.

Not only did the wolves return restore a better balance between predator and prey, but it also help to change the park's physical geography.

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How wolves change rivers

They released 14 wolves into a park. What happened next is a miracle that proves we must take care of our amazing planet.

Posted by Newsner.com on Thursday, May 4, 2017

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