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They Robbed A Pizza Hut, With A Gun, A Mask And A....Stroller?

Before my wife and I head out for a night on the town we always have to find a babysitter for our four daughters. Usually someone from within our own family steps up to the challenging task, but on the rare occasion that we can't find someone to help us out, we just stay home and plan to go another night.

Abraham Loftis Acosta and his girlfriend Ashley Marie Oseguera should have looked for a babysitter before robbing a local San Antonio Pizza Hut at gunpoint last week.  

The Inquisitr

In the world of stupid criminals, Acosta and Oseguera might take the championship belt home with them for the ill-conceived and even more ill-advised attempt at getting away with robbery.  

This is the not the first time in recent memory that this particular Pizza Hut was robbed at gunpoint. On September 19, two men entered the restaurant armed with a shotgun with a red bandanna tied onto the end. They also had a baby stroller complete with baby inside. The two men made off with an undisclosed amount of money.

Less than two weeks later, Acosta (who is accused of being part of the first robbery) tried to pull off a similar plan, but this time with his girlfriend Ashley Marie Oseguera. Oseguera entered the restaurant with the baby stroller again, with a baby and pretended to ask about the day's specials.

Acosta then entered wearing a mask and using the same shotgun as the first time. Police arrived and were able to track the couple back to their apartment, which turned out to be right beside the Pizza Hut. No word on whether the baby belonged to either of them.  

Blue Lives Matter

Guns and pizza just don't seem to mix.

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