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They Said Her Daughter Had A Cold, But 'Mother's Intuition' Told Her It Was Worse

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When Kayleigh Chapman's 5-year-old daughter Lily-Mae woke up with a cough one morning, she knew right away that it wasn't just a regular cold. She says that Lily-Mae "looked a bit off," and there was a strange-looking bruise or rash on her skin. But when Chapman took her daughter to the local clinic, the nurse who examined her daughter didn't see things the same way.

The 29-year-old mother from the UK said she was made to feel "like a paranoid mum, who was over-reacting but I knew there was something wrong with my daughter.”

A nurse-practitioner sent Lily-Mae home, saying that she probably just had a virus, but just days later Chapman found out it was much worse.

Chapman with Lily-Mae and her rash.

Lily-Mae's rash got worse and worse, and Chapman says her "mother's intuition" started sounding the alarm.

She took Lily-Mae back to the clinic, but asked to see a doctor this time. He could tell right away something was wrong with the little girl, and sent her to a nearby hospital for blood tests.

That's where Chapman got the bad news.

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