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They Saved This Beagle, Now She's Saved The Life Of A Little Girl

Peanut may not have had an easy start to her life, but that wasn't going to stop her from being a real hero.

She was a shelter dog, who got a second chance after being rescued from an abusive home. And what she did proves that she overcame that tragic experience and came out even stronger on the other side.

Not only is she now a sweetheart with a family who loves her, but she has done something absolutely miraculous and saved a life.

Peanut was in her new home one evening when she started going nuts. She was barking, whining, yelping and running non-stop up and down the stairs. Her owners didn't know what was wrong but let her outside when she asked.

Her owner followed her as she took off running into the back of their yard, stopping only when she reached the ditch. When he caught up to her he couldn't believe what he saw. Lying in the ditch was a 3-year-old girl, shivering, alone and naked.

He immediately wrapped up the girl in his sweatshirt and called 911. While they waited for the ambulance the only thing she could say was "doggie".

Peanut came from the Delta County Animal Shelter after being rescued from an incredibly abusive home. When she arrived she had broken legs, broken ribs and her stomach was full of carpet chunks.

She got a second chance and used it to help out someone else who was suffering as much as she had. The sheriff's deputies managed to track down the girl's parents and realized the home was "unsanitary and unsafe".

Peanut not only managed to save this young girl's life, but also the life of the girl's sister who was still in the home. Both children are now safe in Child Protective Services thanks to Peanut's keen senses.

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