Family Murdered After Invited A Stranger To Live With Them

The Wilkinson family was known for their generosity. They frequently volunteered, always had a kind word for their neighbors, and even open their doors to the homeless. That kindness now has a mother and son dead with the father fighting for his life.

Tracey and her son Pierce were stabbed to death inside their home in the town of Stourbridge in the UK. Her husband Peter is fighting for his life in hospital.

Aaron Barley, a man police only describe as having "no fixed address" was arrested after taking Peter's Land Rover and fleeing the scene. He crashed after a short police chase and faces 2 counts of murder and an attempted murder charge.

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Police superintendent Lee Kendrick spoke to reporters near the scene:

"Clearly our investigation is at a very early stage but we understand the suspect was known to the family and may have been living at the address."

Neighbors said that Tracey, who had faced addiction troubles in her life, was always looking to help those who were also struggling. In December 2015 the family took in a homeless man and set him up for months. Peter, who owns his own safety barrier business, gave the man a job.

The Wilkinsons may have been trying to help Barley in the same way.


"We are working to understand the relationship between the man and the family," superintendent Kendrick said. Adding that the police were not looking for another suspect and they don't believe burglary was a motive.

As condolences and well-wishes pour in from around the world, now Peter and his 18-year-old daughter must try to cope with a good deed turned wrong.

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