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They Thought They Would Be His Foster Parents, But This Fluffy Kitten Had Bigger Plans

Tireddad1967 / Imgur

One warm, Texas day, a woman found a box and some kitty litter on the curb. On the lid, someone had written "Free to Anybody that wants her."

Curious, the woman opened the shoebox to find a tiny orange tabby. The woman was already caring for her sick dog and didn't have the means to support another fur baby. So she posted a message on Facebook, hoping someone would come forward to help.

Thankfully, one Imgur user's wife saw the pictures of the little kitten and contacted the poster. Thinking that they would foster the kitten until he was well enough to be adopted by another family, the husband and wife drove out to pick up the little baby.

It wasn't until they brought him home, that they realized how critical his condition actually was...

The tiny kitten was so dehydrated that his glucose level was almost unreadable. He had a seizure and they rushed him to the animal hospital.

Once in the care of their trusted vet, he was put on an I.V. drip for a few hours. His new foster parents stayed up with him all night, watching his blood sugar and monitoring his temperature. His foster parents decided to name the little champ Wilson. He spent the entire next day resting and getting more fluids at the vet's clinic.

At first, he was a sorry sight, but after expert intervention, little Wilson started to feel better. He began to perk up and even play a little with his rescuers.

Soon he was feeling well enough to do a little exploring. At night, he roamed the house, playing with whatever peaked his curiosity. Wilson quickly decided to adopt the couple's big tabby Rocky as his new best buddy.

Rocky's still deciding whether he wants a 'best buddy...'

After all the work that went into keeping baby Wilson alive, his new foster parents decided they couldn't part with him. He has won them over and now, they are a forever family!