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They Wear 'Trashy' Outfits For Prestigious Competition

Olivia Balle and Kristen Meaclem are 22-year-old fashion designers who hope to make a splash at an international fashion competition with outfits made of items they've fished from the trash.

In addition to fabrics pulled from trash cans at Massey University in Wellington, they've included chip bags, soft drink cans and some old fishing tackle in their creations.

Olivia Balle and Kristen Meaclem have high hopes for their clothes made from rubbish. Photo / supplied.

They are competing against 34 other designers, along with seven other New Zealanders, in the final of iD International Emerging Designer Awards in Dunedin next month.

The collection is called Trish (a combination of trash and fish). Their goal is to prove that trashy can be classy with the right amount of imagination and skill.

Tess Norquay's unusual design. Photo / supplied

The finalists were selected from a pool of 150 entries from 18 countries. They will present their collections on March 23.

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What do you think? Trash or treasure?