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Thieves Steal Massive Solid Gold Coin Worth Almost $5 Million

It's like something out of a Hollywood movie: German police say that thieves snuck into one of their country's most famous museums and stole a priceless gold coin.

In case you're wondering how this crime could possibly be worth the risk, this isn't just any gold coin.

The "Big Maple Leaf" is a giant-sized version of Canada's iconic loonie coin. At 20 inches long it weighs over 200 pounds, and this collector's item is literally worth its weight in gold.

ABC News

The Big Maple Leaf coins were made by the Royal Canadian Mint beginning in 2007. Each one features Queen Elizabeth on one side and maple leaves - the symbol of Canada - on the other.

There are only 5 of this enormous coin in existence. They each have a printed value of $1 million, but the value of the gold alone is closer to $4.5 million. For a collector with cash to spare the stolen coin could even be worth a lot more.

The Bode Museum in Berlin, Germany, where the coin was stolen from, is famous around the world for its "coin cabinet," a collection of more than 500,000 rare and historical coins stretching back to the 7th century B.C.


According to a museum spokesperson, the thieves (or one very strong thief) broke into the museum by a window, using a ladder balanced on a railway line.

They reportedly broke into a cabinet where the coin was stored and snuck back out of the museum before police could arrest them.

I know $4.5 million is a lot of money, but I still don't think it's worth dragging around a 200 pound coin!

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