17 Things From The 50s That Don't Even Exist Anymore (But We Wish They Did)

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When was the last time you got milk delivered to your door or did loads of laundry by hand? Probably not in a long while, right?

Well, that's not really surprising because the world is constantly changing, and there are many objects we used and activities we did in the past that just don't exist anymore. If you were around in the 1950s, you'll recall how advances in science and technology, like the introduction of the television, started causing shifts in family and social dynamics.

From wearing poodle skirts to going to drive-in movies, here are 17 things that people did in the 1950s that we don't do anymore:

1. Get fitted for shoes with an x-ray machine

2. Do laundry by hand

3. Make phone calls through an operator


4. Get milk delivered by a milkman

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5. Buy a house for $7,000

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6. Pay 15 cents for a McDonald’s hamburger

7. Hula hoop as a social activity

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