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Things To Stop Saying "Sorry" For In 2018 Based On Your Zodiac

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With the introduction of a new year, many of us are making resolutions about things in our lives that we want to change or how we want to become a better person.

Instead of finding faults in your personality, some things are important to embrace instead. Find your Zodiac sign and discover what you should stop apologizing over for this year.  

Aries: March 21-April 19

Stop saying sorry for wanting to work out.

While you may have fire in your belly that can only be solved with a good workout, not everyone sees your passion for physical fitness. While you love to keep active with a run, an intense yoga session, or a competitive game of soccer, you will seek whatever gets your heart pumping.

While your friends may have to wait an extra hour for your dinner date so you can shower off the sweat, you do you, Aries. Never apologize for making the time for your healthy lifestyle.

Taurus: April 20- May 20

Stop saying sorry for arriving too early at parties.

Taurus you are the rock that everyone on the zodiac needs, even if they don't know it. You are punctual, regimented and steady, which makes you one of the most responsible people in your circle of friends. When it comes to appointments, events or classes, you're always the first to arrive.

Arriving late to anything gives you anxiety, so if anything you'd rather show up early. There is nothing to apologize over doing this. If anything, people should be happy because you're always willing to lend your host a hand or fill out some paperwork ahead of time.

Gemini: May 21-June 20

Stop apologizing for talking to strangers.

As one of the more social zodiac signs, being around people gives you a sense of belonging and purpose. Your relaxed and talkative personality makes people stick around to hear what you have to say, which makes it easy for you to make new friends.

You're also curious about new people and are quick to make chit-chat with someone ahead of you in line at the grocery store. While others may scoff at your friendly nature, don't listen to them. People are becoming less engaged every day, and we need more people like you to keep us present.

Cancer: June 21- July 22

Stop apologizing for canceling plans and staying at home.

While no one likes to head out during the winter, you Cancer, hate it even more. That's why you praise your lucky stars when someone cancels plans before you have to. There is nothing wrong with you wanting to stick around your own environment instead of showering and putting makeup on to venture out into the world. Stop saying sorry for doing what makes you happy. Not everyone understands the attachment you have to your couch and bed.

Leo: July 23- Aug 21

Stop saying sorry for being over-the-top.

It's no secret that you love attention, dear Leo. Whether you are the center of it, or demand it with an extravagant outfit, you know you love yourself an audience.

While you spend hours getting the perfect outfit together, and making sure your hair and makeup looks just right many people wonder how you can always look so put together. Own your style and don't apologize for rocking it, because after all you're also thoughtful and kind so no one can get mad at you for all the extra attention.

Virgo: Aug 22- Sept 22

Stop apologizing for worrying about loved ones.

From worrying about your loved ones diet to if they made it home okay in the snowstorm, some say you worry too much about those you care about. But you can't help it, you just want to make sure they're doing well. You can't handle when a loved one is sick, so you must do everything you can to get them to feel better as soon as possible. Some say you may care too much, but there's nothing wrong with protecting those you love, so stop apologizing for it.

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