Think You Can Guess Which Of These Celebs Is Older? I Bet You Can't

Some celebrities have a timelessness that almost seems inhuman, while others live to excess and wear the haggard faces to prove it. That makes guessing the ages of our favorite celebs a challenge, and I'm putting you to the test!

These five pairings are all similar in look, achievement or recognition, but their ages set them apart. Pick the oldest one and see if you can get 100%, only time will tell.

1. Jojen Reed vs The Mountain

Jojen vs Mountain

Any fan of Game of Thrones will recognize these two faces, and you're probably thinking that this one is easy. Well go on, pick the older actor here...

The older actor is: The Mountain! That's the one on the right (you thought I was going to trick you didn't you?) and clearly the older of the two. What will surprise you is that Hafpor Julius Bjornsson is only one year older than Thomas Brodie-Sangster, who plays Jojen on the left. They actually could have been in the same school together!

2. Sly Stallone vs Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnie Vs Sly

These are two of the most legendary names in Hollywood, and both are known to have created some of the most iconic roles in movie history. Now which one is older?

The elder statesmen of this group is actually (drum roll) Sylvester Stallone! He's a full year older than Arnie, and looks great for a guy in his 70s.

3. Helen Mirren vs Steven Tyler

Helen Vs Steven

Most women would be happy to look like Helen Mirren no matter how old they are, and most men would have loved to live the life that Steven Tyler has lived so far. So now the question, which one of these famous grandparents is oldest?

The answer: Helen Mirren. She's actually 3 years older than the creaky rocker, who I must say has seen better days. Whatever she's doing is clearly working!

4. Sandra Bullock vs Kate Winslet

Sandra vs Kate

These are two of Hollywood's most beautiful and talented actresses, they've also both been around forever. One of them has been around longer though...care to guess?

This is the biggest age gap on our list because Sandra Bullock is 11 years older than Kate! Both could pass for 30, but at 52 it's Bullock who is just a bit more impressive.

5. Sia vs Lady Gaga

Sia vs Gaga

Last one, and I made it a bit tougher because singer Sia rarely lets her face be shown. Both have been making music for awhile, and both are known for their outrageous fashion choices. Put your finger on which one really doesn't act her age.

Sia is an impressive 11 years older than Lady Gaga, even though most North American audiences are much more familiar with Gaga.

So how'd you do? This should go to show you that not everything is as it seems.

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