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This 10-Month-Old's Letter To Santa Is Priceless

Dear Santa,

I am a 10-month-old baby and I am writing you this letter because my mother has been sending people my "Christmas List" and it in no way represents the things I actually want. Getting some stacking blocks, and an elephant that lights up is cool and everything, but it's not what my heart really desires.

I keep hearing the adults make the joke that all a 10-month-old baby wants is the wrapping paper and boxes and that isn't far from the truth. But as much fun as the playing with paper and packaging sounds, I do have a number of additional things I would like to see under the tree this year.

My list is enclosed below.

Have a Merry Christmas!

- 10-month-old baby

What I Really Want For Christmas

This power cord

I want this more than I have wanted anything else in my 10 months of life. I also want the power strip with the fun orange light that it's connected to. I would settle for just a bunch of electrical cords, but in general I love the ones that hide behind mom's desk.

The wall mounted entertainment center

Every time I go near the one mom has, I get in trouble, so I would like one for my own. I have no idea why mom won't let me play with it, but if you bring me one, I can put it in my room and she can't say anything about it.

House keys

I would also love a set of house keys. They have to be the metal ones though, not those over-sized plastic ones they make for 'babies'. I know those are just a fake to keep us away from the real deal. I love putting these in my mouse and listen to them jingle.

Everybody's glasses

Everyone who I see that has these, I must have them. To put in my mouth, clearly. Everyone gets so scared when I take these spectacles off their face, I'm not going to break them, I just like to hold them really tight and never give them back.

Whatever is in here

The contents of this bin are ALWAYS changing and I find everything inside SO interesting. I particular love the cotton balls and pieces of dental floss, so if you could fill mine with those, that would be great!

Handfuls of dog fur

For some reason Lucy hates when I try and collect her fur. She is constantly trying to get away when I grab a handful. I just want to put it in my mouth to only realize that I do not want it in my mouth, after all.

This hole in the floorboard

I can spend hours looking at this hole in the floorboard. It's fun to put my finger in and it really makes me contemplate the meaning of life. I know you can't give me this exact hole, but one similar would really make for some interesting thoughts.

The dog's food

I don't know what you're saying, but dog food is delicious! Have you tasted pureed chicken? Then clearly you know what you're feeding me is way more disgusting than what the dog gets. I'll have what he's having. Also, if you don't want me to eat it, then why is it on the floor? Bet you didn't think of it like that!

One of these

Mom always has one in her hand. Dad does too. But they always stop me from trying to see what it is. I think I also need one.

And of course Bobby Pins

These are always all over the floor and they are so much fun to put in my mouth. I get in trouble every time though, because they belong to my mom. If you could get me some of my own, that would be great!

Thank you Santa, I will make sure I stay good until Christmas to ensure I am not disappointed on Christmas morning.

Source: Huffington Post