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71-Year-Old Wallet Found In a Theater Has Quite The Story

It's always a terrible feeling when you lose something. When it finally turns up, the swell of relief overcomes all the fear of having to replace what it is that you lost.

Finding a lost wallet requires a stroke of luck, but finding a wallet that has been lost for 71 years, now that's hitting the jackpot.

The Talent Factory Theater in Iowa, a landmark that has been around since the early 1920's, was undergoing renovations when someone noticed something strange in the floor boards.

While lifting up the old floorboards, there it was, sitting on a beam.

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Papers in the wallet dated back to 1944. There were also ration stamps from the war, family photographs and a boy scout card. The owner of the theater, Larry Sloan, found a hand written ID, claiming it belonged to a man by the name of Clare McIntosh with the telephone number of 8, yes, just the number 8.

What are the odds that 71 years later its owner could be located?

Well with some luck and a lot of digging they found 85-year-old Clare still alive and well. After he realized it wasn't a joke, he was more than happy to stop by the theater to claim the wallet he hasn't seen since he was 15-years-old.  

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What was the oldest thing you found and forgot about?