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People Are Divided Over This Beer Made With Human Urine

We've seen lots of chefs and food producers pushing the envelope lately. It seems like everyone is desperate for attention, leading to some bizarre creations and stomach-churning snacks.

But of all the unusual recipes we've featured, this new beer is definitely #1.

Pisner beer is the creation of Denmark's farmer's council, and it has a surprising twist that makes it very eco-friendly. Only 60,000 bottles of the special brew will be released, but the drink's key ingredient means demand might not be very high.

In 2015, the farmer's council collected urine from guests at the Roskilde Festival, one of Northern Europe's biggest outdoor music events.

No, the 50,000 liters of waste collected from the event weren't mixed into the beer. But it was processed and used as fertilizer for the barley the beer is brewed from.

People are understandably pretty skeptical about this process, which the farmer's council calls "beercycling," but animal urine is actually a very common fertilizer for beer ingredients.

"Just as we have seen shops sell goods that would otherwise have been thrown out, beercycling allows us to recycle a product that is normally flushed down the drain," the council's CEO Karen Hækkerup says.

In spite of the confused first impressions the drink is causing, some people are happy to try it and reviews have been pretty good.

One sampler said "If it had tasted even a bit like urine, I would put it down, but you don't even notice," but then again he might be biased, because he actually attended the Roskilde festival and "contributed" to the beer.

Pisner goes on sale in June, so if you're brave enough get ready to place your order before it's sold out.

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