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This Boxer Loved Her Foster Kittens So Much, Mom Adopts One For Her

Suzie the boxer has been surrounded by kittens for most of her life.

Her mom, Kelly Hartman, is regular foster mom for local shelters who often brings home tiny kittens in need of some extra TLC.

Hartman tells The Dodo that seven-year-old Suzie knows exactly what's inside those little carriers and she's excited to meet the new babies every time!

"The kittens typically are pretty comfortable with her within 24 hours, but sometimes it takes longer. I have had kittens that like her more than they like me!" says Hartman.

The only difficulty was when the kittens had to go. Suzie was always a little sad to see her 'litter' adopted away. After watching how much Suzie loved on those little kittens, she decided to bring one home to stay just for Suzie.

A special little one-eyed cat named Kushi.

Little Kushi had to have one of his eyes removed due to an untreated infection, but that didn't stop Suzie from bonding with him immediately.  

Pretty soon Kushi was following his big sister's example and caring for the new foster kittens that passed through their home.  Eventually, Kushi grew sad every time the kittens left.

So, again, Hartman found the perfect buddie for the dynamic duo: Sunny another one-eyed cat.

"We knew Sunny, who is totally blind, would be a good fit, and I was interested in taking on a special needs cat," Hartman said.

Now the three amigos take care of the foster babies that pass through their home. When there is no one left to care fore, they've got each other!

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