This Brand Of Cat Food Could Cause Your Cat To Collapse

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This Brand Of Cat Food Could Cause Your Cat To Collapse

Cat owners everywhere are being urged to check the food they're giving to their pets after a dangerous recall.

AVA dry cat food is being recalled after three cats became sick and collapsed, had seizures, and dizziness.

The level of thiamine, vitamin B1, in the cat food was lower than the recipe specified. But, as the company stated, the illnesses in the cats were "not the classic symptoms of thiamine deficiency."

"Rather than the more typical cervical ventroflexion (head falling onto the chest) associated with thiamine deficiency, in the three cases we saw the predominant clinical signs included sudden collapse, fitting, widespread twitching and general unsteadiness on their legs, which began suddenly after 4-6 weeks of being on the diet," said spokesperson Brian Hudspith.

The products in question are specifically designed for older cats and neutered cats kept indoors. Vets are being warned about the possible illnesses coming in. They should be aware it will present as thiamine deficiency but will likely be something different.

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