This Burger Costs More Than Your Rent

Chef Diego/Instagram

We all like to indulge in a nice and expensive meal every once in awhile. So occasionally spoiling ourselves by ordering off the 5-course prix fixe menu with wine pairing is totally understandable.

But where do you draw the line?

We've previously told you about the world's most expensive pizza which costs $12,000 and the $25,000 taco by Frida, in Los Cabos, Mexico. Now, we can add Chef Diego Buik's pricey burger to the list.

The Dutch chef's creation has made it into record books as one of the world's most expensive burgers and it certainly isn't for the average joe.

The lavish handcrafted burger is made with Black Angus and the much sought-after Japanese dry-aged Wagyu beef patty, Oosterschelde lobster (infused with Hermit Dutch Coastal Gin), foie gras, white truffle, Remeker cheese, French lettuce, Japanese fruit tomatoes, Iberian ham and caviar.

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Since your run of the mill BBQ sauce has no place on this meaty creation, a special sauce was made using the finest of ingredients including 35 lobsters, Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee, Madagascar vanilla, Japanese soy sauce and saffron. The patty and toppings are then sandwiched between a $135 brioche bun made with saffron and of course, coated in gold.

All together the fancy concoction will set you back a whopping $2,300! That's more than a month's rent and expenses for many people.

Chef Buik created the burger in honor of National Hamburger Day (May 28) but unfortunately it failed to displace Juicys Outlaw Grill's $5,000 burger from the top position.

If you're wondering about the taste, you shouldn't get your hopes up too high. As a self-confessed burger expert, Buik admitted that his pricey creation isn't the best burger he's tasted.

"Byron in London served me the best burger I've ever had - a beef burger on a brioche bun with dried bacon, Byron sauce, tomato, red onion, and aged cheddar. It cost me about Ā£14 ($18)," said Buik.

"To be honest, the simpler the burger, the better," Buik added.

However, Buik says despite being labor-intensive, he will prepare it again at his South of Houston restaurant, in The Hague, Netherlands, if someone puts in an advance request.

Would you spend $2,3000 on a burger? Let us know in the comments.