Family Warns Cat Owners After Their Cat Almost Died Because It Drank Water From A Plant

Living with animals can be a bit tricky because they tend to get into things you don't want them to. Whether it's something that is special to you or something that is dangerous to them, cats are the masters of breaking the rules.

For poor Millie in Essex, doing what she wasn't supposed to almost killed her. After going through this ordeal, vets are reminding cat owners to be extra careful about this easily preventable thing that could end in disaster: Lilies.

The popular flower is toxic to cats, and even just ingesting a little bit of the leaves, pollen or water they are sitting in can cause severe damage to the kidneys that can lead to death.

Millie came to her owner with stains on her paws and mouth, and had to be rushed to the vet. Dave Leicester, Vet's Now's head of clinical intelligence says that "Lilies are particularly poisonous to cats. They can cause severe diarrhea, convulsions, acute kidney failure and even death. What makes them particularly dangerous is that all parts of the plant are toxic and even small ingestions, such as two or three leaves or petals, or water from a vase containing lilies, can be potentially fatal."

He says that "Even very small amounts of pollen can be extremely dangerous. Cats can swallow a toxic amount just by grooming after brushing against the flowers. Lilies are so dangerous we'd call on cat owners never to have them in their house."

So if you have a cat, make sure you keep lilies out of the house! Luckily Millie made a full recovery after an IV drip and a night at the vet, but it's better to be safe than sorry!