This Cat Was In Terrible Pain, But What His Owner Did Gave Him A New Life

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This Cat Was In Terrible Pain, But What His Owner Did Gave Him A New Life

When Watson was brought to a shelter, things didn't look too good. The cat was born with a condition called radial hypoplasia, which caused his front legs to twist inwards. Each step he took caused the poor kitten a lot pain, and he couldn't use his paws to play like other cats.

Since getting adopted is tricky for handicapped cats, Watson may have been put down like so many others.

Luckily for him, Melanie Lusnak walked into the shelter one day and fell in love with him.

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"The minute I saw Watson it was love at first sight, his paws were so badly twisted that I knew I needed to help him," said the 28-year-old woman from Michigan.

Melanie knew adopting Watson would be tricky - he would need a lot of care and attention due to his condition. Since she'd looked after a cat with a missing leg before, Melanie knew she was up to the task of being Watson's mom.

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"His determination would get him up the stairs in our house, but soon after a loud cry would follow, which is my cue to come running so he can be carried down the steps," Melanie said.

It broke her heart to see the cat struggling to get around. His paws twisted inwards with every step he took. People told her there was nothing she could do, but Melanie was determined to give Watson a better life.


"I kept getting told that because he was a cat he would refuse to wear cushions or prosthetics, and because he was so small it would be hard to get anything to fit him," she said.

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"But I finally came across Derrick at Animal Ortho Care and as soon as we spoke he reassured me that together we could make Watson's life easier and more comfortable."

Watson was fitted with little plastic "boots," which allow him to get around and protect his joints. He is no longer in any pain and will even sleep with his prosthetics on at night.

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"Despite everything he has been through Watson is a really affectionate and happy cat, he cuddles with me and sleeps with me," Melanie said.

Isn't he the sweetest cat ever? Check out this video of Watson eating catnip:

This is Watson, he was born with radial hypoplasia resulting in malformation of his front legs. Not knowing anything different, he gets around very well! He's very lucky to have great people who have even had custom prosthetics made for him (see pic in the 1st comment). He doesn't like the vet office much, but he loves catnip!

Posted by The Cat Practice - Birmingham, Michigan on Monday, March 30, 2015

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