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This Company Is Selling Designer Dog Houses, But It Will Cost You $40,000

Hecate Verona

Dog owners often say they would do anything for their pet, but if Fido begs for a nice new dog house from Hecate Verona, you might need to let them down. The British design firm is offering custom-designed doggy manors that put your pooch in the lap of luxury - for the right price. You might get sticker shock after seeing these dog houses can cost $216,000, but there are lots of perks included.

Each home is designed from the ground up to suit your pooch, with lots of special touches to make them happy.

The windows can even be put lower or higher to give them the best view.

Once you pick one of the 4 design styles - including Colonial Villa, Roman Imperial Mansion and Spanish Palacia - you choose what goes inside you dog's mansion. The company highlights features including adjustable heating and air conditioning and indoor and outdoor lighting.

If you want to splurge, wireless treat dispensers and conference call systems for your pet are also for sale. You can even install a TV in your dog's house - each one has a bedroom and a living room, of course.

The materials don't come cheap either. These pooch palaces are built from high quality wood (including the scratch proof hardwood floors) as well as marble and aluminum.

The company's creative director Alice Willimas says that these 'dog manors' are meant to be "as elegant and beautiful" as their owners.

“It leads to the dog enjoying being outdoors even more and staying more active, which is highly recommended by vets."

If you want to order a dog house from Hecate Verona, expect to wait 2-4 months while it's custom built. Oh, and it will cost you at least $40,000.

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