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This Could Be The Clearest Footage Of Bigfoot Ever Captured

Ever since a hairy, ape-like animal was caught on camera way back in 1967, hunters, photographers and wildlife experts have searched for proof of Bigfoot's existence.

Now, decades later, a new video might finally cast some light on the mysterious creature, with what some are calling the first ever high definition video of the beast.

Taken by a family visiting Oregon's Wildhorse Lake, the video shows an unidentified creature running through the background, and it's sparking a heated debate over whether or not it's a hoax.

While the video is very clear, the "Bigfoot" is still pretty far from the camera. You can see him running away from the lake, but even in the video one person says it's a bear.

You can even hear what sounds like laughter in the background, but some people still insist the video is proof that Bigfoot walks among us.

I want to believe, but until someone gets a photograph of this creature up-close the debate will go on and on.

What do you think of this video? Do you believe that Bigfoot is out there somewhere, waiting to be found?

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