Clay Walker Thought He Would Never Walk Again

If Clay Walker isn't roaming the stage during a concert, he's chasing his kids aged 8, 7 and 3. When he can squeeze in a little spare time he can often be found on the basketball court.

That is where he first experienced the symptoms that would change his life as he knew it.

In 1996 while on the basketball court with his buddies Clay experienced his first symptoms of multiple sclerosis.

“I went to a gym with some guys in the band,” Walker explains. “As we walked in, my right leg felt like it was asleep, as though I had slept on it funny. I kept shaking it to wake it up.”


“Every time I’d try to stand up, I’d fall down,” he says. “It was as though I was completely intoxicated.”

After looking up at the basketball net and seeing double, he knew something was seriously wrong.

20 years later, Clay is now in remission, thanks to MS medication and the support of his family.

The country singer with the chart-topping hits "Rumor Has It" and "Fall" does what he can to stay healthy and keep his illness in check. With a good diet, exercise and being on top of his medication he has not experienced an episode in 18 years.

He lives with this disease thanks to the help of his wife and 3 kids.

"Our daddy’s girl is very concerned and nurturing when it comes to his health. While some of that may be her personality, some empathy and nurturing comes from the reality that our whole family is living with a life-altering disease," his wife Jessica said in an interview.

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