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This Dog Got A Ridiculous Makeover After A Mix-Up At The Groomer

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Packing up and moving to a foreign country is hard enough as it is, but when you don’t speak the native language it becomes a whole lot more challenging.

Leigh Simmons learned about the consequences of a communication barrier the hard way.

Simmons, who is originally from South Wales currently lives in Shenzen, China with his wife, Kat and their adopted German Shepherd cross, Seren.

Since the temperatures have been rising, Simmons thought it would be best to get Seren’s fur trimmed to prevent overheating.

"I wanted to shave the dog for the summer. It’s really hot here at the moment,” Simmons told Wales Online.

Once at the groomer, Simmons had trouble conveying what style of cut he would like his dog to have because he can’t speak a word in Chinese. He resorted to communicating through sounds and actions.

"The woman spoke no English and I speak very, very little Chinese. I ended up miming shaving the dog and I made a ‘bzzz’ sound. The woman nodded and told me to come back at 4,” said Simmons.

When Simmons returned, he couldn’t believe what he saw. His dog’s fur was completely shaved off from his neck to tail.

See what Seren looks like after in the next page. I dare you not to laugh.

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