This dog literally crawled out of her own grave. Vets were stunned, but now she's living a great (second) life

Do you believe in second chances? Theia the dog does, and she's making the most of hers after a dramatic resurrection that left vets stunned.

Theia was found, nearly unconscious by the side of the road. A passerby spotted something, pulled over, and made the startling discover. He rushed her to a vet clinic where veterinarians worked around the clock to save her life.

While treating her, the vets started to put the pieces of a puzzle together, and they knew that Theia had a story to tell.

She had clearly been hit by a car. Her wounds were consistent with the crushing injuries seen in automobile accidents that vets are too familiar with. She also had a dangerous head wound that vets say were likely caused by a hammer.

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They speculate this blow happened when the motorist that struck her benevolently tried to put Theia out of her misery.

Theia was also covered, head to toe in dirt. They think that whoever hit her tried to bury her, believing the unconscious dog was dead.

Despite the horrible injury Theia never gave up, crawling out of the grave and getting to a position where someone could help her.

Theia and Baby
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Now she lives with a loving family, and although she still has some nose and jaw damage, she's happy, healthy and full of love.

We'll never know exactly what happened to her, but because of her determination and the love of vets and family, Theia is able to start over and put the worst behind her.