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This Dog's Reaction To Being Excited Is The Best Thing Ever

A lot of people train their dogs to do some pretty outrageous things, but Bertie is one of the goofiest out there. His special trick is something so simple but manages to bring people just so much joy.

Little Bertie knows that to make his owners smile all he has to do is stick out his goofy little tongue and they will be laughing.

Oh hello!

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He is happy to do it whenever they ask, as often as they ask, because he just wants to make them smile.

every morning when you get on Facebook

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He is pretty much a pro. He has over 22 thousand followers on Instagram who love to see what this little goofball is up to.

He's just so proud of his weird little trick and we are grateful that he does it.

Doing that weird trick again 😜

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Thanks Bertie for making us laugh!

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