Chucky Was Inspired By A Real Haunted Doll, And It's Terrifying

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If you are afraid of dolls, I would recommend that you turn back before reading any further. "Robert", the doll that inspired the horror cult-classic, Chucky, is one of the most terrifying things you will ever lay eyes on.

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Robert isn't your average doll. For one thing, he is over 100 years old. For another, he is considered one of the most haunted objects in the world. Apart from being visually creepy, Robert is dangerous, over his 100 plus years, he has had car accidents, broken bones, lost jobs, failed marriages and many other horrifying situations attributed to his "curse."

His original owner, Robert Eugene Otto (yes he and his doll both shared the same name), received the doll from his grandfather as a gift when he was just a boy. Otto kept the doll well into adulthood as he became an accomplished painter.

Robert Eugene OttoRobert the Doll

Otto's relationship with the doll concerned the people around him. He brought it with him everywhere and even spoke of the doll in the first person as if he was a real person. According to family stories, Otto used to blame things that happened to him on the doll.  

As an adult, Otto kept Robert in the upstairs window of his home "The Artist House." Children would say that Robert would be there one day, and be gone the next. Kids actively avoided the house because of Robert's presence.

Modern Notion

When Robert Eugene Otto died in 1974, Myrtle Reuter bought "Artist House," and then found herself as Robert's new caretaker. Robert's creepy story didn't end there, if anything it got more terrifying.

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