This Popular Chip Flavor Is Now It's Coming To The US

When potato chips first hit grocery store shelves, you could only get the regular kind. Shortly thereafter, salt & vinegar came out. Since then, companies have been developing new flavors to meet the growing demand. BBQ, cheddar cheese, sour cream & onion, and hickory smoked bacon are just a few of these.

Some of these flavors were only available in other countries, and still are. However, ketchup fans could be in for a real treat - the famous (or infamous) chip flavor is finally making its way from Canada to the United States!

Until recently, you'd have to travel north of the border to get a bag of the condiment-flavored chips. Last week, an Instagrammer spotted ketchup Pringles at a CVS Pharmacy, which could be just the beginning of ketchup chips in the US.

Instagram user @candyhunting posted the photo with the caption: “Ketchup Pringles are now out in the US! These have previously been released in Europe and Canada. Found them at CVS.”

Don't ask us why it's taken so long for Americans to get in on this. Love 'em or hate 'em, the chips are common enough elsewhere that you should be able to buy them on home soil.

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Although opinions vary on which brand has the best ketchup chip flavor, Lay's seems to be a favorite. For those of you who put ketchup on everything, this may become your new guilty pleasure.

Now, if you've never tried them before, you're probably imagining a potato chip dipped in ketchup. That's not what they're like at all. The chips are covered in a fine red powder and taste like tomato, salt, and vinegar - many people have claimed the chips don't taste like the condiment at all; they have their own unique flavor.

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We want to know what you think. Have you ever tried ketchup chips before? Did you think they were delicious or just plain gross?