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This Is How Alcohol Takes A Toll On Your Anxiety

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It is known that sometimes we all enjoy a glass of wine or two to wind down when we're feeling stressed or anxious. It seems as if it helps us in the short-term. There have been many studies proving that alcohol actually does the opposite of calming us down and it can actually increase anxiety.

Alcohol is a depressant.

Alcohol lowers your levels of serotonin, which is our hormone that makes us feel happiness. Serotonin also calms us so low levels of it are associated with increased anxiety.

Once you start drinking it will be hard to stop.

Over time, having one drink won't be enough to calm your anxiety. You'll find yourself having to drink more and more to lose social anxiety. Your body will build up a tolerance to alcohol and it will become less effective in making you feel at ease. Also, the more often you drink, the faster this tolerance will build.

It can worsen your memory.

We have all woken up from a night of drinking and not remembered what happened the night before. If you're already an anxious person, this will do nothing but make you even more anxious. The thought of not knowing what you did, or if you should be embarrassed can cause a lot of anxiety.

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