This Is How Shannen Doherty Is Coping With Chemo

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This Is How Shannen Doherty Is Coping With Chemo

Ever since she opened up to the world about her diagnosis of breast cancer two years ago, fans have been following  Shannen Doherty's candid accounts of her battle against the disease.

Throughout the intense process, Doherty has shared her most trying and inspiring moments with fans in posts on Instagram.

In her latest post, she shares the secret to how she copes with cancer. Rather than let herself break down under the draining side effects of radiation therapy, she turns to exercise to restore herself body and soul:

Despite the exhaustion caused by radiation, she does her best to keep moving. Even though she is doubling up on treatments, Doherty is determined to keep up with her exercise routine!

"Any movement is so good during treatment, not just for the body, but for your mind as well," she wrote in the caption.

According to Susan Gilchrist, M.D., Doherty isn't wrong.  "Exercise has been shown to improve fatigue, sleep patterns, and quality of life in those undergoing cancer," she tells SELF. "In addition, biologically it is thought that exercise can improve immune function and reduce inflammation, which has been implicated in cancer."

But cancer patients shouldn' t over-extend themselves either. Gilchrist recommends moderate aerobic training, and modest resistance training twice a week. As with any exercise regiment, it's wise to speak with your doctor to get the best plan for your body's ability.

It's pretty clear that dance has really helped maintain her strength and energy. It's great to see Shannen's shining spirit still shines throughout this trying time!

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